The Master of Science in Publishing Studies is aimed at producing professionals with competencies to work in various specialised fields of publishing such as editorial, production, marketing and selling in both print and electronic publishing. The graduates will be equipped with skills and knowledge to take up the challenge of contributing in the development of the publishing industry nationally, regionally and internationally.

Specific Objectives
The MSc programme is designed to meet the following objectives;

Produce professionals equipped with knowledge and skills in the publishing field.

Prepare graduates capable of researching and undertaking Ph.D. in their fields of specialisation.
Produce professionals with the abilities to contribute effectively in the publishing industry.
Prepare professionals capable of exploiting new technologies to boost economies in a globalised environment.
Admission Requirements
The common regulations for the admission for the Masters degree of Moi University Master's degree shall apply.

In addition:
The candidates for Master of Science in Publishing Studies must have a first degree in Information Sciences or any related discipline with at least Second Class honours degree from Moi University or a university or institution of higher learning recognised by Moi University Senate.

The MSc programme in Publishing Studies will consist of coursework, examination and thesis and shall normally take a period of two years distributed over four semesters of full time attendance. Students will be expected to cover a minimum of 48 units and maximum of 52 units before graduation.

The common regulations governing postgraduate programmes at Moi University shall apply.

All candidates will be required to write a thesis in partial fulfilment of Master of Science in Publishing Studies and shall be assessed in accordance with common regulations governing postgraduate degree programmes of Moi University.

Programme Structure:

First Year

 First Semester

Course Code Course Title Units
Core Courses
INS 800    Research Methodology 4
PUB 810    Contemporary Publishing 3
PUB 811    Scholarly Writing and Publishing 4
PUB 812    Publishing Management 3
One Elective Course
PUB 813  Educational Publishing and Book Provision 2
PUB 814  Print Production Management 2
PUB 815    Title Commissioning 2

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Units
Core Courses
PUB 899    Thesis(Proposal Writing) 2
PUB 820    Advanced Booktrade 3
PUB 890    Seminars 4
PUB 821    Entreprenuership in Publishing 3
One Elective Course
PUB 822    Marketing Management in Publishing 2
PUB 823    Advanced Electronic Publishing 2
PUB 824    Creativity and Design in Publishing 2

Second Year

Third Semester

Course Code Course Title Units
PUB 899(b) Thesis (Fieldwork) 9

Fourth Semester

Course Code Course Title Units
PUB 899(c)    Thesis (Writing) 6





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