The bachelor’s degree in graphic communication is intended to produce communication professionals in various fields and aims at preparing students for a variety of careers including graphic design, advertising and public relations.
Graduates of the programme will have communicative competence and expertise in communication fields like advertising, broadcast and print media and corporate relations and their skills will be useful in media houses, nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, business enterprises and public relations firms.

The course seeks to:
1. Prepare students to be able to take up careers in advertising and graphic design and communication, and equip students to be critical and creative thinkers, who are highly intellectually competent in the interpretation of development and communication from the international, regional and national perspectives.
2. Provide students with sound academic and theoretical foundations, as well as practical skills in communication and development, and the effective and efficient application
3. Prepare students in the understanding and mastery of both print and broadcast media in an environment that encourages innovation and creativity 

Admission requirements
In addition to meeting the minimum requirements for Moi University, candidates must:
1. Have at least A in English, A- in Kiswahili, B+ in mathematics and B+ in arts and design.
2. Candidates with diploma qualifications in journalism, public relations, information technology, human resource development and other relevant areas will also be considered.
3. Mature candidates with a principal D and above in at least two subjects at A level in either sciences or arts subjects obtained in the same sitting may also be admitted.

Programme Structure

Year 1

Semester I
CMM 100 Introduction to Communication
CMM 102 The History of Communication in Kenya
CMM 103 Introduction to Information Technology
IRD 100 Communication Skills I
IRD 101 Quantitative Skills I
IRD 103 Development Concepts and Applications
FRE 101 French for Beginners I (SASS)

Semester II
CMM 104 Listening and Critical Thinking
CMM 107 Communication Research I
CMM 108 Introduction to Media Studies
CMM 109 Communication and Culture
CMM 110 Introduction to Graphic Communication
CMM 111 Communication Images in Africa
CMM 112 Communication and HIV/Aids
IRD 102 Communication Skills II
IRD 104 Quantitative Skills II

Year 2

Semester I
CMM 201 Introduction to Mass Communication
CMM 203 Management of Information Technology
CMM 205 Introduction to Public Relations
CMM 206 Functional Writing
CMM 211 Public Speaking
CMM 213 News Writing
CMM 215 English for Journalists
CMM 216 Introduction to Advertising

Semester II
CMM 204 Visual, Audio Visual and Nonverbal Communication
CMM 212 Organisational Behaviour I
CMM 219 Introduction to Radio
CMM 220 Introduction to Cinema and Radio
CMM 221 Digital Images and Reprographics
BCA 200 Art and Communication
IRD 200 State, Society and Development
CMM 209 Communicating about Science and Technology
CMM 214E Communication for Rural Development
CMM 217E English for Journalists

Year 3

Semester I
CMM 300 Communication Ethics
CMM 301 Communication and Law
CMM 303 Gender and Communication
CMM 311 Editing and Publishing
CMM 320 Photojournalism II
CMM 321 Techniques in Graphic Design
THE 345 Introduction to Animation
CMM 322 Sign Language

Semester II
CMM 302 Communication Research Methods II
CMM 307 Field Attachment
CMM 308 Organisational Communication I
CMM 313 Entrepreneurship Skills
CMM 318 Advertising and Copy Writing
CMM 324 Photojournalism II
CMM 327 Commercials Production
CMM 310 Public Relations and Advertising
CMM 312 Organizational Behaviour II
CMM 323 Feature Writing
CMM 329 Writing and Producing for Children

Year 4

Semester I
CMM 401 International Relations and Diplomacy
CMM 402 Introduction to Human Resource Mgt
CMM 403 Communication Aesthetics
CMM 416 Digital Interactive and Direct Advertising
CMM 422 Digital Photography
CMM 404 Development Communication
CMM 428 Internet and Electronic Publishing

Semester II
CMM 409 International Communication
CMM 411 Psychology of Communication
CMM 412 Comparative Communication and Political Systems
CMM 421 Advanced Graphic Communication
CMM 423 Multi Media and Hyper Media
CMM 424 Digital Animation
CMM 426 Advertising Layout and Production
IRD 400 Development Project Appraisal
CMM 419 Television Production
CMM 425 Film Directing

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