The BSc Information Sciences programme is a broad-based course which recognizes that the information professions of today are drawing closer together. The techniques and tools of information provision and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) are becoming common ground between librarians, information technologists, records managers, archivists, and publishers.

Objectives of the Programme
The specific objectives of the course are to:
i) introduce students to current thought and practice in information management;
ii) provide basic professional education and training in a broad range of information disciplines so as to develop persons who are capable of operating in a variety of working contexts;
iii) equip students with necessary knowledge and skills to respond intelligently to problems of information collection, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination;
iv) acquaint students with the principles of management of information systems and services;
v) equip students with information and communication technology knowledge and skills in order to enhance self learning and development of critical literacy skills.

Learning Outcomes of the Programme
On successful completion of the course, the students should be able to:
i) Demonstrate confidence and skill in application and management of Information technology and systems in array of areas;
ii) Execute all work activities related to both print and electronic media;
iii) Exemplify proficiency in collection, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination of both print and electronic information resources and services;
iv) Manage records, archives and their related services;
v) Maintain efficiency and ethics in the management and provision of information services.

Design of the Programme
In the first year of study, students are introduced to the information sciences, whilst taking university common courses and programmes in science subjects or in the social sciences/humanities. In the second and third years, all students study a common core of subjects related to: Information Communication Technology (ICT), Information Resources Management, Management of Information Systems and Services, and Information Storage and Retrieval.

Final year students take specialist studies in any of the following areas: Information Technology, Records Management, Library and Information Studies, and Publishing and Media Studies. Students also spend eight weeks on practical attachment and carry out a substantial piece of research, related to their area of specialization.

Programme Structure:

First Year

Course Code Course Title Units
First Semester
INS 101 Introduction to Information Technology 3
INS 102 Computer Applications 3
INS 103 Introduction to Information Sciences 3
INS 104 Information Literacy 3
INS 105 Introduction to Publishing 3
INS 106 Introduction  to  Communication  and Mass Media 3
INS 107 Records Management I 3
INS 108 ICTs in Records and Archives Management I 3
Second Semester
INF 111 E-Business 3
INF 130 Structured Programming 3
INS 110 Organization of Knowledge 3
INS 111 Human Communication 3
INS 112 Introduction to Journalism 3
INS 113 Introduction to Print Production 3
INS 114 Archives Management I 3
INS 115 Preservation of Information Materials I 3
Total 24

Second Year

Course Code Course Title Units
First Semester
 INS 201 Systems Analysis and Design  3
 INS 202   Operating Systems Theory  3
 INS 203    Sectoral Services Systems and Services  3
 INS 204 Classification I  3
 INS 205 Digital Print Production  3
 INS 206 The Book Trade I  3
 INS 207 Office Records Management 1  3
INS 208 Knowledge Management  3
Second Semester
INS 210 Data Communication  3
INS 211 Database Construction and Management  3
INS 212 Principles and Practices of Management  3
INS 213 Cataloguing 1  3
INS 214 Repackaging of Information  3
INS 215 Principles and Practices of Marketing Communication  3
INS 216 Records Centre Management  3
INS 217 Professional Organizations in Information Sciences  3

Third Year

First Semester
Course Code Course Title Units
Common Courses
INS 301    Web Design and Development 3
INS 302    Research Methods 3
INS 303    Radio and Television Communication 3
INS 304    Preservation of Information Materials II 3
I.T Specialization
INS 320   Data Structures and Algorithms 3
INS 321    Object-Oriented Technology 3
INS 323    Software Engineering 3
INS 322    Management Information Systems 3
L.I.S Specialication
 INS 322     Management Information Systems 3
 INS 330     Subject Indexing 3
INS 331    Marketing of Information Services 3
INS 332    Open Access and Institutional Repositories 3
R.A.M Specialization
 INS 322     Management Information Systems 3
 INS 350     ICTs in Records and Archives Management II 3
 INS 351     Information Security in Records and Archives Management 3
 INS 352     Marketing of Records and Archives Services 3
P.M.S Specialization
 INS 340      Writing for the Mass Media 3
 INS 341      Newspaper and Magazine Publishing 3
 INS 342      Design and Production in Publishing 3
 INS 343      Online Journalism 3
Total 24
Second Semester
Common Courses
 INS 305    Quantitative Techniques for Information Scientists  3
 INS 306    Information, Gender and Sustainable Development  3
 INS 307    Electronic Publishing  3
 INS 308    Disaster and Risk Management in Information Centres  3
I.T Specialization
 INF 350    Human Computer Interaction  3
 INS 324    Artificial Intelligence  3
 INS 325    Computer Architecture  3
 INS 326    Information Security and Systems Audit  3
L.I.S Specialization
 INS 333    Information Needs and Analysis and User Studies  3
 INS 334    Collection Management  3
 INS 335    Strategic Management in Information Environment  3
 INS 336    Information Searching and Retrieval 1  3
P.M.S Specialization
 INS 344    Scholarly Journal Publishing  3
 INS 345    The Book Trade II  3
 INS 346    Principles and Practices of Photography  3
 INS 347    Marketing, Sales and Distribution in Publishing  3
R.A.M Specialization
 INS 353    Health Records Management  3
 INS 354    Management of Audio Visual Archives  3
 INS 355    Digital Preservation  3
 INS 356    Management of Electronic Records  3

Fourth Year

Course Code Course Title Units
Commom Courses
INS 407    Research Project 6
 INF 410    Project Management 3
 INS 401    Legal and Ethical Aspects of Information  3
 INS 402    New Media  3
 INS 403    Leadership and Management in Information Sciences  3
I.T Specialization
 INF 371    Law, Ethics and Professional Practice in Informatics  3
 INF 460    Network Design and Administration  3
L.I.S Specialization
 INS 430    Classification II  3
 INS 431    Digital Library Management  3
R.A.M Specialization
 INS 450    Records Management II  3
 INS 451    Archives Management II  3
P.M.S Specialization
 INS 440    Editorial Title Management  3
 INS 441    Advertising in the Media  3

Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Units
Commom Courses
INS 410    Practical Attachment 6
INF 411    Management of Information and Communication Technology 3
INS 404    Infopreneurship  3
INS 405    Marketing Management  3
INS 406    Freedom of Information and Governance  3
I.T Specialization
INF 444    Data Mining and Advanced Databases  3
INF 461    Distributed Systems  3
L.I.S Specialization
INS 432    Information Searching and Retrieval II  3
INS 433    Cataloguing II  3
R.A.M Specialization
INS 452    Quality Assurance in Records and Archives Management  3
INS 453    Managing Business Records  3
P.M.S Specialization
INS 442    Multimedia and Hypermedia  3
MES 410    Legal and Ethical Issues in the Media  3




A--Archives and Records Management

B--Library and Information Studies

C--Information Technology

D--Publishing and Media Studies

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