MSc. in Information Technology


Introduction - Programme Objectives
General Objectives
The Master of Science in Information Technology aims to produce graduates who are professionals and capable of harnessing the power of Information and Communication Technology to solve problems in the society. They should be grounded in carrying out research and disseminating knowledge through teaching and publishing.

Specific Objectives
The Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to:

Produce professionals equipped with advanced skills, techniques and knowledge in the ICT field, ready to enter a range of technical and business focused careers.
Produce professionals able to contribute positively in the development of the ICT field.
Produce computer science and information systems professionals required at various levels of the social, economic and industrial development of Kenya.
Prepare professionals for advanced research and dissemination of knowledge at D.Phil level.

Admission Requirements
Common Postgraduate regulations of Moi University shall apply.

Candidates for the Master of Science in Information Technology program must be holders of at least 2nd Class Honours Lower Division Bachelors degree in Information Sciences or a related discipline from Moi University or from a university recognized by Moi University Senate.

Those with post-graduate diplomas in related disciplines shall be considered.

Common Postgraduate Studies regulations of Moi University shall apply.

The MSc programme in IT consists of course work, examination and thesis, and shall normally take a period of two years distributed in four semesters of full time attendance. Students shall cover a minimum of 48 and maximum of 58 course units before graduation.

All candidates shall be required to write and submit a thesis in partial fulfillment of M.Phil in Information Sciences (Information Technology) and shall be assessed in accordance with common regulations governing post-graduate degree programmes.
The end of semester Examination shall take 3 hours for a 3 unit course and 2 hours for a 2 unit course. The Thesis shall be marked out of 100% having been assessed by the supervisor(s), internal and external examiners.

Courses shared with other graduate programmes in the university shall be subject to examination regulations applying to those programmes.

Programme structure: